ceo introductory

ceo inroductory remark

  • Labco Co., Ltd is an expert company that manufactures particle counters and environmental monitoring systems. It has commercialized the real-time simultaneous analysis system for particle materials (PM10, PM2.5, PM1) in the air and developed the core technology of photo diode detector and secured, for the first time in Korea, the source technology for measuring particles.
  • By retaining the source technology for measuring particles and particle correction technology, we laid the foundation to advance globally. By participating in Nanotech Japan Exhibition in Japan in 2011, we announced the superiority of the domestic precision measurement device. Our technology and price competitiveness have become great resources in the overseas market. In order to become a global corporation in the field of particle material measurement and monitoring, Labco Co., Ltd will advance into the global market with global marketing technology with cooperative companies through thorough quality management and technological accumulation.