The model MDL-100/125 is monitoring instrument for PM10 and PM2.5.

As it displays the accumulated value at intervals of 1 minute, it is optimized for real-time monitoring of fine dust and ultra fine dust.Using patented and design registered impactor filters out particles bigger than 10㎛, MDL series can separate the particles and measure the

values more accurately.

User optionally can add the temperature-humidity sensor or CO2 sensor etc. MDL will be one of the necessary instrument in near future for measuring IAQ(Indoor Air Quality).


MODEL : MDL-25/100/125 


Measurement method : Light scattering

Light source : Laser Diode classⅢ

Particulate matter : PM2.5, PM10 PM1, PM2.5, PM10

Measurement range : PM1:0~500㎍/㎥ ±5%, PM2.5:0~500㎍/㎥ ±5%, PM10:0~5000㎍/㎥

Resolution : ±0.2㎍/㎥

Sensitivity : 0.1㎍/㎥

Particle size range : 0.3㎛ ~ 10㎛

Flow rate : 1.0 LPM

Data upload : 10 sec (1 min cumulation data)

Data output (option) : Analog output 4~20mA (1Channel user selectable)

Display : Graphic LCD 128 x 64

Network interface : IEEE 802.3 Ethernet TCP/IP v4

                                         Option: IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless LAN,

                                                        IEEE 802.15.1 Bluetooth v2.0 Class2(ISM Band, 2.4 to 2.485GHz)

Operating environment : 14℉~122℉ (-10℃~50℃), 20~75% RH

Storage environment : -4℉~140℉ (-20℃~60℃), ≤98% RH

Weight : 1765g 1700g

Dimension(W x H x D) : 245 mm x 250 mm x 96 mm

Power : 24VDC, 650mA

Calibration : Labco calibration system in accordance with ISO 21501-4

Calibration interval : One year or less (ISO 21501-4)